Tuesday 28 May 2013

Community Builders Development

Community Builders Network (CBN) houses 250 at-risk persons in four privately-funded Whole Life Housing SROs in Vancouver.

Whole Life Housing is cost-effective and ameliorates tenant illness associated with concurrent disorders. Tenant rents pay for CBN-designed tenant support services with some added help from Canada's Homelessness Partnering Strategy and pro bono assistance from a network of professionals committed to CBN's efforts in Vancouver.

CBN has a five-year plan to expand its supportive housing stock to 400 units and to add 100 self-contained, low-income housing units in new and existing market-housing structures.

Whole Life Housing is a true private/public partnership. The outcome of the partnership is a cost-effective and self-sustaining housing continuum that benefits persons with concurrent disorders who otherwise are at-risk to homelessness.

CBN needs capital support to achieve its goals. Capital partnership with CBN's Whole Life Housing initiative is a smart investment. Here's why...

• Low-income and supportive housing is in high demand and Whole Life Housing’s operating budget is self-sufficient.

• Investments are secured by appreciating properties to interim community benefit.

• Whole Life Housing encourages creative and emergent tenant groups, while contributing to municipal low-income housing efforts and benefiting provincial housing and healthcare budgets. The initiative also benefits municipal low income housing efforts and British Columbia's housing and health budget.

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